Social Media Shorts

Don’t get caught with your pants down! Always have your shorts ready!

Why short commercials?

Social Media shorts refer to your social media video content. What are you producing to keep your customers engaged? You need short promotional videos for your social media accounts and your website. There are many benefits to creating a short social media promo from cost to varied, updated and reusable content. We have many specials available for new and existing customers.

What are the benefits?

Easy to distribute

short videos are smaller in size you can post and repost, share on various social media platforms from your phone.

Easier to remember

Attention spans have gottne shorter as a result of social media. Shorter commercials/ promos allow you to get the necessary info immediately to your potential customers.

Cost effective

Your video is shorter so it costs less to produce. The end result leaves you with more capital to invest in other short form videos. As a result, your content stays fresh.